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Visit for a league-wide collection of videos of APDA rounds. We suggest you visit this list, prepared by Franklin and Marshall graduate and friend of the team Matthew Rohn, for recommendations sorted by topic area. 

Nationals (APDA) 2017 Quarterfinals: Link

American University boasted a top-8 team in the national tournament hosted at Rutgers University. AUDS President Frankie Orrico and Julie Scott debated Swarthmore’s Miriam Pierson and Will Meyer in the quarterfinals. Swarthmore would go on to win the tournament.

Debate Topic: In 2014, the Russian Government should invaded to take back the ISIS controlled oil fields in Syria.


Brown II 2017 Partial Octofinals: Link

American University and Brown hosted a tournament the same day. Not content to show up to just one tournament, AUDS sent Julie Scott and Isaac Klipstein to Brown. Isaac and Julie broke through to the quarterfinals by winning this round.

Debate Topic: Should we amend the NICS Background Check System to make being on the FBI’s Terror Watch List a sufficient condition for being denied a firearm? Opp chose no.