End of the Regular Season

AU debate finished off their last regular season tournament with a bang. Congratulations to Randi Saunders and David Stauffer who took home 2nd place from Georgetown. Randi also took home 6th place varsity speaker, and Dan Cobos took home 2nd place varsity speaker. The final standings of the year leave Frankie Orrico in the top ten novice speakers for the year, and AU overall in the top ten schools of the year. Congratulations to everyone on AU’s team, and keep on going to nationals next weekend.

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APDA elections and Princeton tournament

This weekend we took a break from running our own cases to go to the Princeton tournament that runs on motions style debate. What this means is that each round the tournament presented a topic, which was to be used by every team. Nonetheless, AU debate continued to perform. Out of a total of 112 teams Dan Cobos and Kurt Girard were our 5th place varsity team, and Frankie Orrico and Lizz Crivaro (U of Pitt hybrid) were 13th place varsity team. In addition to this, Frankie Orrico was the 2nd place novice speaker. Frankie Orrico will finish in the top ten novice for the year overall! Two more weekends before nationals, keep up the good work AU!

Additionally we would like to congratulate the newly elected governing body of APDA:
President: David Israel (Hopkins)
VP Operations: Taylor Blackburn (Bates)
VP Finance: Nate Rifkin (Middlebury)
Members at large: Priyanha Nadanasabesan (GW), Aaron Murphy (W+M), and Natheniel Honahue (Harvard)

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27 Days ‘Til Nationals

As the end of our season, AU debate has not lost stem. This weekend we attended the Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. AU had a fantastic showing with two varsity breaks. Congratulations to David Stauffer and Matt Rohn (F+M hybrid) who were 3rd varsity team, and Frankie Orrico and Kyle Grigel (U of Penn hybrid) were in the top ten varsity teams. In addition to this, Frankie and Kyle were also a full novice team, willing them the title of top novice team at Swarthmore!!! AU also took home three speaker awards: Dan Cobos and Kurt Girard both in the top 10 of varsity speakers and Frankie Orrico in the top 4 novice speakers. Keep on working AU.

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Spring Break: West Point, Stanford, and William and Mary

As the majority of American’s campus took the eleven days off for spring break, a small group of AU debate’s members travelled to three different tournaments on spring break’s weekends.

The army was kind enough to provide West Point’s successful teams with officer sabers and mortar shells as prizes. These winning teams were Kurt Girard and Dan Cobos who took 2nd place varsity team and Frankie Orrico and Andrew Bowles (GW hybrid) who were a Top 8 varsity team and 2nd place novice team! Additionally, the team took home a massive of speaker awards including: Dan Cobos our 2nd place varsity speaker, Kurt Girard 9th place varsity speaker, and Frankie Orrico who was 3rd place novice speaker.

Another shout out to Randi Saunders, who made the long trek to Stanford University and San Francisco, California. Her and her partner, Jon Haderlein (Loyola Marymount hybrid) took 5th place as a varsity team.

Finally, the team piled into a van and drove three hours south to the College of William and Mary. After stopping at wonderful Waffle House in Mechanicsville, Virginia, we arrived at a warm and sunny campus. Coming away from this tournament we carried away four trophies: Kurt Girard and Dan Cobos walked away with another 2nd place varsity team away, Frankie Orrico and Randi Saunders were the 9th varsity team, Dan Cobos was the 2nd place varsity speaker, and Frankie Orrico was the top novice speaker.

After this weekend, we now have four fully qualified team members for nationals! Congratulations to Dan Cobos, Kurt Girard, Randi Saunders, and David Stauffer.

33 days left until Nationals! Keep on going everyone!

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American University: Spring Tournament

This weekend we hosted our second tournament of the year. This is the first year we have been honored to host two tournament and we are proud to report our second tournament was a success. Pulling over 60 teams from schools as far away as Yale and University of Chicago, we hosted a loose-links tournament (meaning each team ran a case of the government team’s choosing). After three rounds on Friday and another two rounds on Saturday, we were left with eight varsity teams and four novice teams. Flash forward three more rounds we are proud to announce the winners.

Congratulations to Andrew Bowles and Tyler Arnold from GWU as our Top Varsity team. And to Anirudh Dasarathy and Sam Matthews from Princeton as our Top Novice team.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our tournament, including our alumni and campus volunteers. We appreciate all the help you gave to make our tournament run as smoothly as it did.

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Superheroes and their Powerful Sidekicks

This weekend we travelled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Franklin and Marshall College for Proams. Proams are tournaments in which each team must be a novice and a varsity member. So, our superheroes and sidekick teams battled their way through five rounds of debate. Letting their capes fly in the wind, the powerful team of Kurt Girard and Kyle Grigel (University of Penn hybrid) took 9th place. While the even mightier team of Dan Cobos and Andrew Bowles (GW hybrid) were the Top Varsity team!! Additionally, Frankie Orrico was 3rd novice speaker and Dan Cobos was in the Top 5 varsity speakers. Now onwards to AU’s spring tournament next weekend. We all hope to see you there

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New Jersey Part II: Rutgers University

Taking our final trip to Northern Jersey, we visited Rutgers University. Shout out to David Stauffer and Randi Saunders who have broken into out rounds for the fourth weekend in a row! They took 11th place in varsity breaks. Congratulations also to Frankie Orrico, who was in the Top 5 novice speakers. Good Luck everyone next weekend at Proams!

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New Jersey Part I: The College of New Jersey

This weekend AU debate society made the lovely trip into southern New Jersey to The College of New Jersey. Luckily we narrowly missed the snowstorm that hit New Jersey, but we got to enjoy the snow that was left on their beautiful campus. We are also happy to report that we had two varsity quarter-finalist teams. Randi Saunders and David Stauffer took 6th place, as well as Kurt Girard and Frankie Orrico taking 7th place. On top of that, David Stauffer was awarded a Top 8 varsity speaker award. Moreover, Frankie Orrico took 2nd place novice speaker, moving her back into the Top 12 novices of the year. Congratulations to everyone! Onwards to Rutgers University over the Valentines Day weekend.

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George Washington: Down Went the Bureaucracy

We are delighted to have returned from the second George Washington tournament of the year. A big shoutout to our good friends in Foggy Bottom for hosting such an amazing tournament despite the bureaucracy. We are also pleased to congratulate our own Randi Saunders and Kurt Girard for their varsity break to quarter-finals. Additionally, we are proud to present our novice semi-finalists Ian Gansler and Frankie Orrico. Frankie also came away with a top 5 novice speaker award.

Next weekend AU will be making the trek north into frigid New Jersey for the College of New Jersey tournament. We wish everyone good luck next weekend!

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Trek into the Arctic

After over twenty hours in the car, multiple snowstorms, and the national RV museum, we made it to Chicago in and back. Despite the deep banks of snow and freezing temperatures, we got the better of the University of Chicago tournament. Congratulations to Randi Saunders and David Stauffer, who are our varsity semifinalists. AU also took home two speaker awards: Randi with a top ten-varsity award and Frankie Orrico with a top eight-novice award.

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